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The power of the written word

Whether you’re after sharp, snappy copy, an in-depth article or a captivating blog post, I’m here to help. I offer a variety of services and a thorough consultative process to ensure you get what you want at the right price. Rates vary depending on the scope and size of the project.



For me, writing is about more than clever syntax and an impressive vocabulary. These are important, of course, for any wordsmith but good writing is also about being able to tell a good story, one that creates an emotional connection with its reader. I craft words that impact the way people feel and achieve business objectives.

Editing & proofreading

Made it through your first draft but unsure if you're ready to share your words with the world? Let me go over them with a fine-tooth comb, checking grammar, punctuation, tone and style. If your piece is a little more polished, I can offer a simple proofreading service that will pick up on any embarrassing typos!

Content marketing

Want to generate leads, expand your customer base or increase brand awareness? Whether you're after an eNewsletter, a social media campaign, an infographic or a video, I create high-quality, valuable content that will attract, inform and engage specific audiences, while also promoting your brand.

Web design & UX

These days, a good website can make or break your business. The most important thing is ensuring your clients can access the information they need quickly and easily- there's nothing more frustrating than trying to navigate an incomprehensible maze of pages. I can help you optimise your website design for a positive user experience.

Latest work

  • Radical Women of Latin American Art 1960-1985 – Sam Simmons

    The title of Sam Simmons’ newest show, Radical Women of Latin American Art 1960-1985, is just as subversive as the comedian himself. Simmons does mention the art exhibition that he visited with his wife in Los Angeles, but it’s only a fraction of what the show is actually about.

  • All Talk – Celia Pacquola

    Well known as a writer and regular performer on the small screen, not all of Celia Pacquola’s fans are aware that her roots lie firmly in standup. Indeed, she’s a little worried that her new show, All Talk, may upset people’s expectations of “that nice girl from the ABC talking about Tasmania and infrastructure”.

  • Bread and Circuses – Stephen K Amos

    A lot has changed since the rulers of the Roman Empire decided that gladiator fights to the death were the best way to distract the public from the chaos of politics. A veteran of the comedy circuit, Stephen K Amos is acutely aware of the constantly evolving political landscape. Bread and Circuses is his modern-day entertainment equivalent of Roman blood sports.

  • Wilegal – Wil Anderson

    In June 2017, comedian Wil Anderson was arrested as his plane touched down in the regional city of Wagga Wagga. He was alleged to have ‘behaved disruptively’ during the flight, prompting the Qantas crew to notify the police, although it was unclear what he had done to provoke such a reaction. Wilegal, running from 28 March to 22 April at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF), is the untold story of exactly what happened on that infamous flight.

  • The new Waterside Hotel

    The Waterside Hotel, an imposing three storey building on the corner of King and Flinders Streets, has just undergone renovation, with the aim of redirecting some of the foot traffic from the “Paris end” of town by offering a drinking and dining experience not usually associated with the western side of the CBD.

  • Souk Melbourne

    A neon pink sign beckons from the end of a Melbourne city laneway. The building it adorns looks small and unassuming, and as I start to imagine the layout inside, words like intimate and cosy spring to mind. I couldn’t be more wrong. Souk is sprawling and cavernous, its seemingly boundless interior and minimal decor evoking the wide open spaces of the desert.