About me

You don’t just need a writer, you need a story-teller

Well-crafted stories create emotional resonance and human connection. They communicate abstract and complex ideas in ways that encourage understanding, introduce a new topics into the public dialogue, contribute to ongoing conversations and engage people as active participants. That’s where I come in. I’ve been writing stories for as long as I can remember (my mum refuses to throw away the evidence) and have been working as a media and communications professional since 2014.

After graduating with a joint honours degree in English and Latin from the University of London, I ended up moving to Australia and started reporting for The Northsider, a community newspaper produced for Melbourne’s northern suburbs. I was offered a role as its Local News Editor and a year later, I was promoted to Managing Editor.


I have now decided to turn my attention towards my own writing and the opportunities that presents. Visit my contact page to find out more.