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Images from the Documentation Centre of Cambodia

Cambodia’s forgotten stories

I peer at the wall and see rows and rows of grainy black and white photographs, hundreds of faces staring right back at me. Some look frightened, others defiant; most are remarkable for their apparent lack of emotion, seeming simply unaware of their impending doom. As I move around the room, it is almost impossible to escape the feeling of being watched by these nameless faces, who are defined only by a number. ...

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Koh Rong beach

Island work

Despite being only two hours from the south coast of Cambodia, Koh Rong seemed like another world. The island was almost the size of Singapore, yet much of it was covered by relatively unexplored jungle. There were no roads, development was scant, buildings were constructed from island timber, medical facilities were non-existent, and power was scarce - meaning that the generator only operated for a few hours in the evening. ...

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