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Video: A homeless protest for affordable housing

On May 10 2016, a group of homeless protesters set up in camp in City Square after a recent police crackdown on people sleeping rough in Melbourne's CBD.   The crackdown came after local resident Shaun Luk claimed his girlfriend had been hassled by a number of aggressive beggars. The protesters claimed that the media coverage portrayed the homeless as violent and that the police were moving them on every 5 minutes, despite knowing they had nowhere to go.   In the video Danny Nepean, spokesperson for the homeless protesters, talks about the conditions that drove the group to set up in City Square and what changes their presence hopes to bring about. This  short film aims to put a human face on homelessness and help facilitate discussions on how to end this growing problem.   The video was originally published as part of a multimedia essay here. Featured image taken by Rod Ceballos....

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Video: Transmit Outward

Transmit|Outward, Inflection's annual exhibition for 2015, explores the theme of projection and its relationship to the creative process as a perpetual state of becoming. Transmit|Outward questions pre-existing notions of the architectural exhibition through a combination of crowd-sourced submissions, installations and events.   Featuring work from international and Australian architects, academics and students, the exhibition showcases pieces that respond to the theme of projection. These works will be presented alongside collaborative events that investigate creative possibilities latent within the design process.   Inflection is the annual student-run journal from the Melbourne School of Design, The University of Melbourne. Internationally distributed, Inflection explores themes relevant to contemporary architectural discourse through the contributions of students, scholars and practitioners.   I was asked to help create the promotional video for the exhibition and this is the result....

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