Andrew Marks “Talk and Taste”

I must confess, I am a little bit of a wine snob. I’m by no means an expert though, and I love any opportunity to develop my knowledge and treat my palate to something new. Naturally, I was very excited for Pilgrim Bar’s “Talk and...

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River Nile Learning Centre receiving their community grant cheque

Northside organisations receive $10,000 community grant

Two organisations in Melbourne’s north, Outer Urban Projects and River Nile Learning Centre, have recently been awarded a Westpac Foundation Community Grant worth up to $10,000 for their outstanding efforts in improving the lives of Australia’s most disadvantaged. The annual Community Grants program is aimed at...

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Melbourne documentary film festival

Melbourne Documentary Film Festival

Melbourne proudly lays claim to the title of culture capital of Australia and when you look at the city’s calendar of events, it’s easy to understand why. Whether it’s film, music, arts or design, there’s always a festival going on. As if we weren’t already struggling...

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Two girls holding hands

The politics of identity

According to the 2010 report Writing Themselves In 3, 61% of young people who identify as same sex attracted or gender questioning have experienced verbal abuse on account of their sexuality. The report is the third in a series of national studies conducted by La Trobe...

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shattered photo of couple on their wedding day

Breaking the cycle

A topic of national urgency and a leading cause of fatalities in Australia, family violence is a complex, multi-faceted issue. It can occur in a range of situations, most predominantly in the use of violence against women and children. Research from the 2012 Australian Bureau of...

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Images from the Documentation Centre of Cambodia

Forgotten stories of the Cambodian genocide

I peer at the wall and see rows and rows of grainy black and white photographs, hundreds of faces staring right back at me. Some look frightened, others defiant; most are remarkable for their apparent lack of emotion, seeming simply unaware of their impending doom. As...

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Koh Rong beach

Island work

Despite being only two hours from the south coast of Cambodia, Koh Rong seemed like another world. The island was almost the size of Singapore, yet much of it was covered by relatively unexplored jungle. There were no roads, development was scant, buildings were constructed...

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